About Lake Meade

1. I’m looking at properties to buy and am interested in seeing the options at Lake Meade. Do you have any properties for sale?

Answer: There are a limited number of unimproved properties at Lake Meade but they are privately owned. At any given time there may be unimproved as well as improved properties for sale. The Lake Meade Property Owners Association (LMPOA) does not involve itself in property or home sales.  To view several local real estate agents please go to our Real Estate page.

2. Can I visit the lake to look around at properties and amenities considering it is a private community?

Answer: Because Lake Meade is a private community the only way you can visit the community is as a guest of a LMPOA member or by contacting a realtor and entering the community in the company of the realtor.

3. What fees and/or dues are paid when owning property at Lake Meade?

Answer: There is a one time initiation fee, an annual Membership charge, and annual membership dues  allocated on a per lot basis. Optional Additional guest passes for the pool are also available for members guests. Fees are subject to change annually by action of the Board of Directors.  Please use the Contact Us form or call the office (717.259.9625) for an updated schedule of fees.

4. Does a Board of Directors run your community?

Answer: The Community is governed by a Board of Directors nine in number who are elected by the members of the association at an annual meeting. The Board of Directors regularly meet twice a month (once for a workshop and once for taking any necessary action). In addition the Board of Directors may meet for special meetings that are legally announced according to the LMPOA by-laws. The day to day operations of the association are carried out by a hired staff, which includes a manager, assistant manager, gatehouse (staffed 24/365), maintenance department, and office staff.

5. What type of rules and regulations do your residents abide by?

Answer: The governing documents of the community include Deed Covenants (restrictions that are a part of the property deeds), the By-laws which are set by the association members. The By-laws cover such matters as elections, quorums, meetings, responsibilities of the Board of Directors, etc. The second part of the governing documents are the Rules and Regulations and the Policies and Procedures. The Rules and Regulations deal with the issues of speed, property beautification, pool, other common property usage and nuisances. The Policies and Procedures serve to guide the Board of Directors for consistent enforcement of the Rules and Regulations.  To view these documents please go to our Governing Documents page.

6. What Building Regulations do your residents abide by?
Answer: To view our building regulations please go to our Governing Documents page.

7. How is access to the community controlled?

Answer: The gate is manned 24/365 to sign in visitors, deliveries and vendors. Two transponders which automatically open the entrance gate are provided at no charge per membership and valid vehicle registration. Additional transponders can be obtained for a refundable deposit. LMPOA encourages the use of transponders for its members