Lake Meade Snow Ski Club

The Lake Meade Ski Club is open for membership to the community.  The purpose of the club is to offer enthusiasts and interested beginners of the skiing and snowboarding sport an affordable way to get involved in winter sports.  Roundtop Mountain Resort offers special rates and packages that are only available to organized clubs and cannot be purchased over the counter.  For over 15 years, Lake Meade families have come together to take advantage of the close proximity of these local ski areas.  We have an assigned group night, but all members can go whenever it best suits thei own schedules at any time with the night club card option.  Skiing and snowboarding with family, friends, and fellow Lake Meade neighbors is a great way to pass the winter in a fun and wholesome atmosphere just 25 minutes from our doorsteps!  If you are interested, join our club to obtain the discounted club rates!

Contact Deb Marines for more information.